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Wool Rug Cleaning Oxford MS

Wool Rug Cleaning Oxford MS: Call 662-587-2391 (6625872391) to have your wool rug cleaned today!

Your Wool Rugs are significant investments and take a prominent role in your homes interior. Most Oriental Rugs take a beating over the years, but with regular cleaning your area rugs can last a long time.

Old rugs can be passed down from generation to generation as long as they are regularly cleaned. Because old rugs are often irreplaceable, it is good to get someone that knows the differences between cleaning wool rugs and regular synthetic carpet.

The process is very similar but if you go about it the way you clean synthetic fibers you can ruin an old wool rug. For example when cleaning regular carpet the hotter the water is the better, but even mildly hot water can shrink a wool rug in the same way the it will shrink a wool sweater.

If you ever see a wool rug that just will not lay out flat and is curled up at the edges, this is probably what happened. The chemicals that we use to treat stains on synthetic carpet can ruin a wool rug because their PH is too high or low and they are too harsh for natural dye and fibers. Because of this Lafayette Carpet Cleaning in Oxford MS keeps an entirely different set of stain removers and detergents for wool rugs.

If you live in the 38655 zip code and have a wool or oriental rug that is due for a cleaning, let Lafayette Carpet Cleaning in Oxford Mississippi take care of you and your rugs. Remember to ask about ScotchGuard Treatment to further protect your Wool Rugs