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Fingernail Polish

  • If you are tired of looking at the old nail polish stain, look no further! We can get it out today!
  • We can get it out for you! Call us at 662.587.2391 (6625872391)
  • Let Lafayette Carpet Cleaning take care of your carpet!

Fingernail Polish is hard to remove. In fact it took us awhile to learn how to do it ourselves, but after A LOT of testing we now have 2 products that get the nail polish out every single time from carpet. The first works by first softening and then removing the hard lacquer that forms when fingernail polish dries. After this layer of the fingernail polish is removed the  actual dye in the nail polish remains and  must be treated with another product and flushed out by hot water extraction.

The Fingernail Polish Removal process is not included in the base room price, but FREE estimates are provided as always! As well as a money back guarantee on all services if you are not completely satisfied.


Real Review from our Facebook Page

“I just want to give Devin Carter a huge thank you for taking care of my carpets! He managed to get nail polish and marker stains out!” – Ann Marie Blaylock Wyatt Owner of Taylor Square Photography Co.  on Febuary 14, 2013